New Wikidot API


In January 2009 Piotr announced that he is working on an XML-RPC API, two months later, in March, the new Wikidot XML-RPC API was announced. User scripts can use this API to access Wikidot data like

  • which sites belong to a user,
  • page meta data, like title, tags, or parenting,
  • the actual content of a page, and
  • information about attached files.

The March announcement also provides a very short method documentation.

Why This Site?

This site was created as a place for sharing XML-RPC API documentation, information, best practices and code.

  • Information about Python: Client code using the XML-RPC API may be written in various languages — e. g. Python, or PHP. Find out how to start with Python: download it, read the Tutorial, and additional information

  • XML-RPC API method documentation: As the Wikidot XML-API provides a very concise method documentation only, find a more detailed method documentation: Calling syntax, arguments, return data, examples, and additional explanation

  • Python code snippets: When writing user scripts, you may find it useful to refer to solutions to problems that someone else has found already. See the code snippets section

  • Script library: For a library of working XML-API Python scripts, that may be either run or downloaded for local use and/or modification, see scripts

  • Forum: Ideas, questions regarding the XML-RPC API or Python? Post to the Forum

  • Existing Script Repositories: As a reference, please note, that Ed Johnson has volunteered to host XML-RPC API scripts and has already provided a sample script

How To Participate

Anyone with a Wikidot account may participate (i. e. create and change content) on this site by joining it. Just enter “xml-api” as a password.

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