Here's a compilation of officially available Wikidot XML-RPC API methods information and documentation:

Below you should find a more detailed documentation of how the methods work with Python.

Arguments and Results

With the exception of the system.*() methods,

  • each method takes exactly one argument: a dictionary with key/value pairs specific to each method, and

  • each method — if successful — will either return a list of dictionaries, or just a single dictionary, as its result — again with key/value pairs specific for each method.

Technical notes:

  • Many, maybe even all, methods seem to accept a common set of key/value pairs (user, performer, site, category, page, tags, source, title, parent_page, …) even though each method requires only a subset of those pairs. Any superfluous pair is validated (e. g. page.get() will validate that a category-name specified with {'category': category-name} exists), but then simply ignored.
  • The return data for and user.valid needs to be validated; it may not be a dictionary or a list of dictionaries.

Available Methods

system.listMethods() can be used to list all available methods. As of 1240160400|today|agohover those methods are:

  • system.listMethods()
  • system.methodHelp()
  • system.methodSignature()
  • system.multicall()

Over time additional methods may be added.

For more details about the system.* methods (e. g. system.listMethods(), system.multicall()) see ServerProxy documentation.

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