Ready-To-Run Python Scripts

Is it possible to supply fully functioning Python scripts that can be run just by clicking them? Let's see.

We'll need two prerequisites:

  1. Python must be installed
  2. you must create a local script “”

    user_key = 'your-wiki-userid:your-api-key
    site = ''
    (optional) category = 'your-category'

    and save it to a path, that allows Python scripts running in any working directory to import it with import api_parms

    If you don't have your API key yet, post to the Wikidot XML-RPC API discussion thread and request one.

Suggested Python scripts are:

Note: Very preliminary stuff here

  • Site Statistics: number of pages, number of categories, pages per category, category woth most/least pages, biggest page, smallest page, total number of unique tags, number of pages with tags, page with most tags, etc.

  • Site Analysis: a script that analyzes things that are difficult to find out otherwise, e. g. a list of pages without tags, broken links

  • Site Dump: Site Managers' “Backup” function has a lot of restrictions — this script should dump everything that is available through the API and output it into CSV for easy analysis in e. g. Excel
    View it | Download or run it Warning: Never run a script from a source that you do not trust

For the first two suggested scripts, the output would be in Wikidot syntax that the script — as soon as starts working — would directly save to a Wikidot site statistics/analysis page. In the meantime you'd have to manually save the output to that page.

The “Site Dump” script's output would be CSV.

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